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Richard Laidler got in on the ground floor of digital printing, immigrating to the United States to pursue his dream of building his own high-tech company in 1996. And by many measures, he succeeded—his company grew rapidly, and in 2004 he sold his business in a seven-figure deal.

But his big payday came at a huge personal cost. He had worked 15-hour days and seven-day weeks for eight years, causing him to lose touch with his family and friends and ending his marriage. As he says “My failures robbed me of my money in my 20s, but my success robbed me of my time and sanity in my 30s.”

Still, despite being set for life, Richard wasn’t the sort to quit working. He started looking for his next opportunity. “I had failed miserably at other network marketing businesses, so I looked at becoming a life insurance agent,” he recalls.  That’s when a friend asked Richard for his opinion about a new business opportunity.

Simple and Genius

When Richard showed up for the Ambit Business Presentation, he was prepared to be unimpressed. “I sat at the back of the room, arms folded, ready to get out of there before someone could grab me. However, by the end of the meeting, I was ready to get started. The business just made sense. Ambit offers a service everyone uses at a saving. Simple and genius. I was in.”

Despite his enthusiasm, Richard’s Ambit business got off to a slow start. He was held back by the memory of his previous failures in network marketing. Then, he invested in a trip to AMBITION 2010. “When you attend an event like AMBITION, faith and hope that Ambit might work turns into 100 percent belief,” Richard says. “That’s the power of AMBITION.”

The Best Business Ever

“My Ambit business is the best business I’ve ever owned, including the one I sold,” Richard says. “With Ambit, I can earn a traditional business owner’s income, but without the financial or time commitment.” Richard also likes the fact that unlike many other companies, Ambit doesn’t require you to carry expensive inventory that can make it difficult for those who are just starting to build a business.

Today and Tomorrow

Since starting his Ambit business, Richard’s life is better than ever. Now that he has free time, he enjoys many activities with his two sons. He is proud of the fact he has built a good relationship with his ex-wife, and is now happily married to Jasmine, his wife of four years.

Ambit has made such a difference for Richard that “whenever I hear any mention of life’s ‘pain’ from someone, the first thing out of my mouth is, ‘you know, you may want to take a look at something my wife and I are doing—it may not be your cup of tea, but it’s helped us.’ This is where most of my Consultants come from.”

It’s an approach that’s helping Richard Laidler build another successful business, this time on his terms.

My/Our Why:

Absolutely petrified of not having money for myself and my family, and a limited ability to make it, either because of old age, or a sickness. Ambit provides me with a regular income every month that covers my bills whether I work or not.

Time spent working the Ambit business:

The only set time I put into Ambit is two weekly business presentations and a training - so about to 6 - 8 hours a week. But, Ambit is always in my back pocket for when an opportunity to invite someone to take a look arises…. so I am “on-call,” as it were, 24 hours a day.

Episode 18 - Ambit Energy's - Richard Laidler