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Episode 49 - Ambit Energy's - Joey Carter

Simulcast 2017

Golden Nuggets:
     Mary Crowley/ Mary Kay

     Kings and Queens did not go to malls

     What kind of customers do you want

     Ambit - Circle of Influence

     Biggest mistake - Not asking for a favor

     Turn every no into a referral

     People that aim for nothing hit it with great accuracy

     Don't be a spectator, be an active participant

Nora and Joey Carter aren’t your typical Ambit Executive Consultants. For one thing, they have more than 50 years combined experience in the direct selling industry. And Joey’s grandmother Mary, was the founder of one of the most successful companies in the direct selling industry, Home Interiors & Gifts. In fact, Joey was the third generation of his family to serve as CEO of Home Interiors. Not only that, the Carter’s are among the original investors in Ambit when the company was started in 2006.But their association with Ambit didn’t end there. In 2009, they attended AMBITION and were so impressed with what they saw they decided to become Marketing Consultants as well as investors. “Gas and electricity are the perfect products,” Nora says. “Everyone uses them. Plus, you can’t buy them cheaper at Wal-Mart or Costco.”“We had been in Direct Selling for a long time. I’d even served as Chairman of the Direct Selling Association. But we’d never been Marketing Consultants. We wanted to start from step one and achieve the level of Executive Consultant.” Joey explains.

Having already invested capital in 2006, Nora and Joey Carter were now ready to invest their time, energy and reputations to make their Independent Consultant Ambit Business a success.

Working from the bottom up
The Carters knew that even with all their experience, they’d have to work to make their new venture succeed. “Whether this is your first introduction to a network marketing/direct selling business or whether you have 50-plus years of experience, there is no short cut to success,” Nora says. “Ambit is a simple business, but it is not easy. To succeed requires consistent, persistent effort and a refusal to stop, especially after the first few no’s.”

“Our team is a remarkable group of new acquaintances and old friends,” Joey adds. “We are proud and energized by their efforts. Our Ambit business allows us to continue the lifestyle we choose, and provides us an opportunity to live a life of significance.“Their hard work enabled the Carters to achieve their Executive Consultant ranking in less than two years, proving both their ability and the soundness of their investment in themselves and in Ambit.

An impressive past, a bright future
While the Carters are excited about what they’ve accomplished, they’re even more thrilled at what the future offers. “We’ve seen Ambit be ranked #1 in the INC 500, and ranked as the 31st largest direct selling company in the world. We anticipate Ambit achieving $1 billion in sales in 2012, and Ambit becoming the finest and most respected energy company in the world! Given their past success in the industry, it’s a good bet the Carters know a good thing when they see it.

Our “Why?” 
We have been in Direct Selling for a combined 50 years in the corporate side of the business, but never as a Consultant. Our why was to prove to ourselves that we could invest $429 as new Marketing Consultants and prove to ourselves that we “could walk the talk” and promote to Executive Consultant!

Time spent working Ambit 
We work our Ambit business together on a part-time basis, committing consistently to 2-3 business presentations per week.

Most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing the Ambit business.
Plugging INTO the Ambit System with Confidence and Perseverance.

Favorite thing about AMBITION. 
The vision and passion displayed by our Co-Founders!

Thanks to the five Senior Consultants who helped us become an EC. 
ONE with a PASSION is worth one hundred with merely an INTEREST. We were blessed to have 5 families with a Passion to grow their business and partner with Team NOEY. Thank you Donna & Leo Mauricio, Linda & Gary Booth, Janet & Ron Getek, Nick & Mike Arbutina and Stephanie & Tom Pulley!