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Episode 36- Ambit Energy's - Cesar & Sonia Baffoni NC

In this episode of Ambit Energy's Ambitious 50, we interviewed National Consultants Cesar & Sonia Baffoni 

Golden Nuggets:

     MLMs are for people that can’t find a job
     Trips to Colombia every month
     Sell to the mind, not the people
     No. No. No. – Do it. Do it. Do it.
     Try the service, not CHANGE
     Company made me a different person

Cesar Baffoni was a successful professional in his home country of Colombia. After studying mechanical engineering in the city of Cali, he went to work for Carvajal, S.A. – one of the largest companies in the country.

But due to safety concerns in Colombia, Cesar emigrated to the United States in 1994. Upon his arrival, he went to work at a major membership warehouse club retail chain in Staten Island, New York – where he currently serves as a Merchandise Supervisor.

With his wife and three daughters, Cesar wasn’t actively searching for another source of income – and it was a very random experience that led him to Ambit.

He had just returned from a vacation in Colombia, and went to pick up his daughter’s car at his friend Alvaro Cardona’s house.

“When I called him to pick up the car, he asked me to take my electricity bill,” recalls Cesar. “He showed me a video, but I didn’t pay much attention. I was focused on the paella that his wife was cooking!”

Cesar admits that he registered as a Consultant “more out of friendship than for the business itself.”

Having his own business had never really occurred to Cesar.

“At the beginning, I didn’t seriously work it – because as they say, ‘it looked too good to be true,’” he remembers. “It was only when I listened to Ray Montie here in Staten Island that I realized I was sitting on a gold mine!”

But Cesar’s family and friends weren’t so eager to believe. “Nobody believed me, and nobody could see what I could see. I would invite my friends and family to dinner and they would hesitate when I asked to see their bill.”

“I really only saw the opportunity of making additional income,” says Cesar. “And during the first year, I didn’t get the results that I expected.”

But that all changed when he made the decision to be more committed to his business.

“Even though I still work Ambit part time, in 2010 I dedicated myself to building my business. My strategy was to motivate all of my Regional Consultants to attend AMBITION 2010 – and that was a total success. All of them started to grow their businesses, and that was the major reason that I was able to reach Executive Consultant status!”

“I want to go full time as soon as possible. And my family, friends and co-workers can’t believe it. Now they’re all more interested in learning about the business!”

Cesar believes that Ambit is helping him in other ways than financially, too. “For example, I don’t watch TV any more. I read more, especially books that are helping me grow as a person and help me grow my business. And now I talk with more people regarding the Ambit Opportunity who I never would have met before.”

“But most of all, I’m working to improve my English,” he admits. “And of course, I’m looking forward to quitting my job and working Ambit full time!”

He knows that the key to success is his team. “My goal with Ambit is to be an Executive Consultant who empowers many others in the business.”

And he is always excited to share his fondness for Ambit with new Consultants. “First of all, believe 100% in the company – do not doubt for a moment its honesty and integrity.”

“Second, follow the system. Buy the books and materials in the Ambit store, so you can have all the knowledge you need about the business. And definitely attend all the events and training sessions.”

“And don’t miss Ambition for any reason – that event will transform your lives!”