Piotr Luda

Episode 30- Ambit Energy's - Piotr Luda

Piotr Luda, Executive Consultant

He escaped from Communist Poland when he was only 18. He lived in Berlin and became a German citizen. In 1992 he came to the USA. Now living in a Chicago suburb, newly promoted Executive Consultant Piotr Luda says, “I have worked for others, run my own company, run companies for other people, but I never ever have been so respected as I have been with Ambit, starting with Mr. Thompson and Mr. Chambless and going forward with the experience of our field leaders.” 

Piotr, in turn, has immense respect for the people who have made this opportunity possible for him. And he’s having a good time with his Ambit business. “I’m just enjoying the ride. I don’t feel like I’m 
doing anything special. I’m just taking the knowledge we have in the system and sharing it with people in Illinois,” he says. “It’s a fun ride.” 

Getting started 
Prior to joining Ambit, Piotr was in the mortgage business. Like so many others who saw the demise of that industry looming, he prayed daily for a new opportunity for himself and his family. “I got lucky,” 
he says. “I watched the DVD and got on a 3-way call with [EC] Pete Maugans.” He says about seeing the Business Presentation for the first time, “I got it. Now the question was will my wife get it, too?” 

The next morning at coffee, Piotr’s wife Gosia asked him, “What do you think?” He responded that it was a no-brainer and asked her what she thought. Gosia said that with the bad economy and with Ambit Energy being a solid company it was “worth a try.” So Piotr joined the business. 

He had never done any network marketing and knew he needed help. He feels he was fortunate to have met NC Brian McClure at a training session in Dallas soon after joining the business. Piotr had a long conversation with Brian and remembers, “I got to start picking the brain of one of the best in the industry.” With help from Brian and Pete, via many long-distance phone calls, Piotr began building his Ambit business by trading on his good reputation among people he knew from his previous business. “They trusted me and my resources so I called on them.” 

Education and training 
Soon enough, Piotr took to heart the idea that, “We’re in the educational business. We don’t sell anything.” Today, he and his team conduct training sessions six days a week all over the Chicagoland area. Piotr leads a session on Mondays. 
“We can guide people from Day One. If they join on a Tuesday, they can go to a training session on Wednesday. We can tell them what they need to do the first day, the second day, the third day, and so on,” Piotr says. He believes the key to success is getting customers and in February, he’s proud to say his team had a 60% increase in customer enrollment. “We didn’t develop anything,” he says in terms of his training curriculum. “We use what Ambit already has in the system. We give new Consultants some basic, basic rules so people don’t feel lost.”  

Piotr is great at keeping his team leaders motivated, too. As Consultants in his SC code promoted themselves to Senior Consultant, he would have them over to dinner at his house to celebrate. Gosia is famous for her cooking, so a dinner invitation is always a special treat. First, Joanna Lupa came to dinner. Then Joanna along with Dorothy Zastrow. Then those two came to a third dinner with Malgorzata Wrobel. The most recent celebration included those three along with Agnieszka Kot and Iwona Wrobel. “It became fun!” Piotr says. “This is a team sport. Keeping the group happy and excited is part of it. The support we give each other is key to our success.” 

A family man with three kids he refers to as his “Whys,” Piotr gives lots of credit to his wife for his success in Ambit. “She supports me. She’s the one who pushed me to quit my job to do this on a full-time basis. She gives me the confidence in my soul to do this. In my mind she is a National Consultant and beyond!” 

Advice for new Consultants 
When asked what advice he’d give to new Consultants coming into the business Piotr does not miss a beat when he exclaims, “Enjoy it!” He says to smile, stay humble, build one Consultant at a time, don’t try to create anything new, use the knowledge we already have, “keep pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing” and it will happen. “It will get you there,” he says. 

From a man who has “been there” in so many ways and is still going places, that’s the kind of advice you want to follow.

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