Episode 43 - Ambit Energy's - Kevin Cochran

Simulcast 2017

Inspiring Conversations with Ambitious Entrepreneurs & Thought Leaders

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In this episode of Ambit Energy's Ambitious 50, we interviewed Executive Consultant and Million Dollar Income Earner, Kevin Cochran.

Golden Nuggets:
     You are not my boss
     3 P’s
     2 R’s
     You don’t know what you don’t know
     I’m a kid again
     Love them alone
     One day close to taking the rest of your life off
     How long have they been taking advantage of me?

"If you cannot believe,” says EC Kevin Cochran about Ambit Energy’s service, “then you will not achieve success in this business.” 
Kevin’s voice is steamrolling through the phone line, energized by his excitement and passion for the Ambit Opportunity. He’s talking about what it takes to achieve success. 

“When you joined this business, you didn’t pay to save money on your electric bill. You joined the business to make money!” He’s just getting warmed up. “Ambit says, to get your first bonus check, enroll four customers in 28 days. I say four in 24 hours! I’m going to help new Consultants do this. Get them their first check. Get the check in their hands. Get them excited. Excitement creates momentum. When they get that first check in their hand - and it’s Chase Bank, not some bank you never heard of - the checks cash!” 

Why Kevin Believes In Ambit Energy 
“I’m a Christian. I believe in God. I believe even though I haven’t seen,” Kevin confesses. “Here’s something you can see and believe. When you walk around to the side of your house and see your meter spinning, somebody’s getting paid! Why not you and me?” 

Another reason Kevin believes in this company is Ambit Energy’s leadership. “When I heard about Ambit Energy, I went up to the corporate office immediately and saw the vision and decided I couldn’t afford not to join the business.” He recommends that everyone who joins finds a chance to visit the corporate office. “When I met [co-founders] Jere and Chris, I saw nothing but integrity. I got a strong feeling that Jere is about helping people, not about the money. And Chris was very upfront with me, honest and real. When you consider the integrity, vision, investment and time it takes to start this kind of company, you will believe. To do this [start an energy company] we’re not talking about $100,000 or even a million dollars. These guys are not playing. This is not some network marketing company piggy-backing on some electricity provider.” 

Now Kevin is on a roll. “When’s the last time you had the chance to introduce yourself to the gentlemen who are providing electricity to your home? When’s the last time you shook hands with the CEO of TXU or Reliant and had a chance to thank him for your low rates and the great travel incentives?” 
  Kevin has been working in network marketing in the Dallas area for the past 15 years and now realizes why so many of those other businesses have failed. “With everything else I was selling what people want, not what people need. Now, with energy, my market is the masses not just the classes. It’s ELECTRICITY!” 

Advice for new Consultants 
Kevin says that since he joined Ambit in September 2006, he’s attended a Business Presentation every week. “It’s good for you and it’s good for your team. Even though some of my team might not do what I say, they will do what they see me do. Go to every Ambit event, like these Power Trips and the Power Conference we had in Houston.” He advises that you follow the system from the beginning. “We have a solid system in place for a good reason.” One of the best pieces of advice he’s taken was from NC Lane Winsett: Write down “I am an Ambit Millionaire” and stick it to your mirror. Figure out what you’re going to do today - every day - to make that come true. “Think about Google stock. Knowing what you know now, years ago would you have borrowed to invest $20,000? We’re going to shatter Google’s record for becoming a billion-dollar business!” Kevin recommends that if you’re not in, you join the business today. Finally, he says the money is in the training. “Your team is going to grow by training others to be you.” Now, if you train yourself to be Kevin Cochran, you better be ready to earn some serious income!