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HRFix Founder, Jeff Jeans is no stranger to hard work and rigorous standards. Prior to launching his career in the Human Resources industry, he served for seven years as an active-duty United States Marine. During the course of his service he served on Embassy Duty in Lusaka Zambia and as part of the Inspector Instructor Staff for 14th Marines.

His military background laid a solid foundation for his subsequent success with Las Colinas Corporation where he coordinated an astonishing improvement in employee retention and safety.

He was fiercely recruited and ultimately hired away by other large corporations to refurbish their respective HR departments; in due course, Jeff established his own consulting company.

Jeff’s experience with resolving conflicts between employees and employers makes him a highly sought after speaker and trainer in the HR Compliance field.

To date, he has written more than 700 EEOC position statements on behalf of his clients and is frequently retained to develop post-settlement training for businesses who have undergone EEOC suits.

His commitment to focusing on compliance has not shifted despite ever expanding opportunities in other functional areas of HR.  He remains true to his goal of helping employers meet the challenges of conducting business in our increasingly litigious society.

He has helped his clients with:

Wage and Hour audits
Immigration and Customs Enforcement audits
Unemployment hearings
Complicated employee terminations and scandal investigations
Dispute mediation
Preparation of employment defense attorneys for trials
Developing efficiency tools

Jeff currently resides in McKinney, TX and enjoys spending time with his family, doing Gunny R. Lee Ermey impressions, and perfecting his almost-famous chilidog recipe.

Episode 5 - 09/09/2015 Christian, Husband, Father, Marine,

and Successful Entrepreneur Jeff Jeans