Episode 42 - Ambit Energy's - Bear Gordon

Simulcast 2017

In this episode of Ambit Energy's Ambitious 50, we interviewed Executive Consultant Bear Gordon.

Golden Nuggets:
                I was going to get in because he was in

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                Sold passion and excitement

                It's not my job to make you successful

                Focus on the two things we get paid to do

                You cannot treat someone as a priority when you are only an option for them

                People that don't know anything, don't tend to do anything

From the first consultant that Ambit Energy’s 1# income earner Brian McClure sponsored to Execuitve Consultant, Bear has seen the explosive growth of the company. Dwayne "Bear" Gordon has been a photographer since high school. After being in close proximity of the legendary Gladys Knight, he walked away with no evidence of the event. From there, he was committed to getting a camera, and shortly thereafter declared that he wanted to become a professional photographer.

His passion has always been people photography: portraits, sports, celebrities and other public appearances. His extensive celebrity list includes Patti LaBelle, James Brown, Kenny Rogers, Former Pres. Ronald Reagan, Willie Nelson, Jack Nicklaus, and many more. Gradually, he's expanded to weddings, families, seniors and corporate events. His personality and sense of humor enable him to create fun while capturing memorable images. From infants to high school students to senior citizens, one should expect to smile in his presence.

Bear is a husband, a father of 5, a grandfather of 3, active in his church, and passionate about singing and acting. It's not uncommon that he breaks into song at any given moment.

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