"I'm not afflicted, I'm gifted!"

- Unknown -

Golden Nuggets

​​​• You have to disrupt you or someone else will

• I cannot afford an attorney

• Moving in flow

• Find someone you trust

• I had all the stuff, but I was shallow

• Squirrel Hunter

• They went all in and were relentless

• Showing up and exploring your genius

Damion Lupo was a born entrepreneur. He started his first business at age 11 and has since, started 30 more companies.  Damion is the founder of his own martial art, Yokido™, and holder of 3 other black belts.

Damion paid for his first rental house with a VISA.  Over a 5 year period following his first purchase, he bought 150 houses in 7 states until he went through a $20,000,000 meltdown in 2008.

Today, Damion runs an Austin based FinTech dedicated to Disrupting Wall Street and getting people off the Wall Street Roller Coaster. Damion is the Author of 5 published books with two more being released in 2017



Episode 60 - 12/7/2016 Real Estate Investor, Business Owner, & Holder of 4 Black Belts Damion Lupo

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