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Episode 75 - 04/08/2017 Andy Andrews (second episode)

Golden Nuggets

​​​• Told me the truth about myself
• You cannot always believe everything you think
• Most 1st place people are looking down. . .
• Invisible gap
• More people and businesses stay where they are at because. . .
• True vs. Truth
• Up in rare air
• You know what you know
• Big pictures are made of little things
• Leonardo da Vinci paint brush
• Whether you create a masterpiece or a disaster
• Tiny little shifts
• Fiction will fire your imagination
• Taking offence is a choice
• You are entitled to your opinions, but not entitled to your own facts. . .
• Raise kids that become great adults
• Thought has mass

Ambitious Radio!® is excited to welcome back Andy Andrews!

Andy is one of the most influential people in America. His books and strategies have been used by the last Nine (9) college football championship teams, U.S. Special Ops community, the NFL, countless businesses, and elected officials from every party.


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