Golden Nuggets

​​​• Leaders don't do $10 per hour jobs, they delegate

• If you can't think outside the box, your business will die

• Every entrepreneur should do sales

• My should did not become my must 

• It's like baking, learn the recipe

• Du diligence

Gino is husband to his wonderful wife, Julia and father of six children.  He has been a business owner for 25 years. Gino recently retired from the restaurant business to pursue real estate and coaching. His real estate portfolio includes 674 units.

Mr. Barbaro has two best selling books on Amazon, Family, Food, and the Friars and Wheelbarrow Profits​. ​ 

Episode 52 - 9/7/2016 Real Estate Professional & Best Selling Author Gino Barbaro

"If you help enough people get what they want, you will be able to get everything you want"

- Zig Ziglar -

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